LabIR Thermographic Paints

LabIR® paints for non-contact temperature measurement

Specially designed paints with high emissivity for thermographic applications. Thermographic paints with a good combination of physical properties to help refine infrared camera measurement results.

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Basic information

Thermographic paints with high emissivity allow accurate non-contact temperature measurement. Many materials (metal, glass, some plastics) with a glossy surface and high reflectivity, with unknown or low emissivity, cause inaccurate or impossible IR camera measurement. LabIR® Paints thermographic paints create a homogeneous layer with high emissivity for very precise measurements.

For specially designed paints, we are the only company in the market who guarantee emissivity for a given wavelength, emissivity dependence on the viewing angle and also other characteristics: mechanical resistance, optical impermeability, etc.

The various kinds of paints are adapted to specific environments for low-temperature and high-temperature use.

New We have just launched a new thermographic paint for high temperature applications.

Thermographic paints offer

LabIR Paints - Thermographic spray paint for standard applications

Thermographic spray paint for standard applications


Paints with high mechanical resistance suitable for routine measurements up to 100 °C, for uncooled infrared cameras and for applications on electrical equipment. The best value offer.

7.99 EUR
LabIR Paints - Thermographic spray paint for high-temperature applications

Thermographic spray paint for high-temperature applications


Durable paint with high resistance and stability at high temperatures. Pernament paint with high emissivity for long-term use.

15.99 EUR
LabIR Paints - Washable spray paint for thermography applications

Washable spray paint for thermography applications


Paint with high emissivity is easily washable by water without using chemicals or coarse mechanical methods. Suitable for measurement locations where permanent paint application is unsuitable. Paint is applicable at room temperature.

15.99 EUR

Expert advice:

For accurate measurement, it is not the determinative emissivity value that is important, but precise knowledge of it!

Ing. Jiří Tesař, Ph.D. Specialist in non-contact temperature measurement

Why use LabIR® Paint for non-contact temperature measurement?

You can achieve the best results of non-contact temperature measurement only for high emissivity coatings. For low emissivity coatings with high reflectivity, measurement is complicated, not very accurate or even impossible. Thermographic paints create high emissivity and homogeneous coatings on a hard to measure surface. Properties of thermographic paints defined in detail enable exact temperature measurement of the basic material.

Where to use thermographic paints LabIR® Paint

Science and research

Mechanical engineering

Power industry


Why buy with us?

We are the only company able to define the exact characteristics of thermographic paints in a broader context. Most sellers state only the emissivity value without additional context. This number can vary significantly depending on further conditions. Our paints are therefore tested for different wavelengths, dependence on emissivity according to the viewing angle of an infrared camera, and spectral dependence of transmissivity. We know the precise mechanical and thermomechanical properties.

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